Renovation of a house in Barcelona: ceramics as an indispensable material

4 out of 10 Spaniards intend to renovate their home in the coming months. This is according to a recent study published by Habitissimo, which corroborates that the renovation boom continues. Many have taken advantage of the pandemic months to detect the improvements that their home needs. In addition, the framework of opportunity provided by the state and regional reform and rehabilitation aid plans also plays in favour of this sector.

In this context, ceramics has become an indispensable ally for those willing to renovate their homes. This is evidenced by the latest renovation project in which Cifre Cerámica has participated.

Ceramics, an aesthetic and functional solution

This is a refurbishment of an urban dwelling in Barcelona by the professionals Javier Villarcorta and Meri Forteza. The project focuses on the optimisation of resources, so certain original materials had to be conserved, such as the terrazzo floor, and other complementary materials had to be selected. Always under the same premise: the final result had to be modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Brick&More: the charm of small pieces

While freeing up space in the living room, elements and finishes were updated in the bathroom. To this end, the Ivory and Taupe pieces (7.5×30) from our Timeless series were chosen as wall coverings thanks to their neutral finishes. They belong to the Brick&More collection, which introduces the small format as a decorative element and allows the creation of lively and attractive spaces.

reforma en Barcelona con Timeless de Cifre Cerámica

In this project, ceramics takes on a leading role in modernising obsolete finishes. It provides serenity and elegance at the same time as it enhances the design of other decorative elements to the maximum. In a scenario where aesthetics and functionality must go hand in hand, this material appears as the most appropriate solution.

The advantages of ceramics in bathroom renovations

Among its main characteristics are its durability and resistance, but also its ease of cleaning and recyclability. These technical properties, together with its great aesthetic versatility, have made ceramics one of the most sought-after options by professionals in the sector.