Cifre Cerámica consolidates its collaboration with Papa John’s

Neutra de Cifre Cerámica en Papa John's

Restaurants and hospitality chains have brought with them a revolution in interior design. Brands are looking for a balance between image and comfort, spaces where diners feel at ease, and it is up to material suppliers to respond to the challenge posed by many architects and interior designers.

Cifre Cerámica is strengthening its relationship with Papa John’s, the American pizza restaurant chain, by opening 15 locations in Spain in 2021. This union with the restaurant company dates back to the beginning of this year, when the brand relied on our materials for the implementation of one of its first franchises in the city of Valencia.

Neutra Natural Touch

The Neutra collection has been fundamental for the development of these works. It is included in Architorium, our library of materials dedicated to architectural projects, and has been specifically designed to withstand the demands of both private and public spaces.

In this case, the need for safe, easy-to-clean and low-maintenance materials was pressing, so the inclusion of the porcelain tiles that form part of this set is due to their durability, strength and hardness as well as the versatility of their designs.

Modernity and elegance

As decorative as they are functional, these pieces are available in a wide variety of formats, offering endless possibilities when it comes to achieving unique finishes with their own textures. The Neutra Cream series (60×120) has been chosen for flooring. On the one hand, it achieves a timeless elegance through pieces with a natural feel and, on the other, it contributes to the fundamental continuity shared by all parts of the project.

Cifre Cerámica and Papa John’s complement each other to achieve an urban and casual personality in restaurants. With a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia to date, many more collaborations are planned for the year 2022, of which we will keep you informed.