Cifre retail: ceramics to give a new look to your pharmacy

Arturo Baltanas‘ pharmacy (Castellón) opts for our Nordik, Reaction and Pure series.

When we think of the use of ceramics in a pharmacy, the first thing that comes to mind are those containers in which pharmacists used to store their preparations. Today, with the progressive transformation of pharmacies into retail spaces, albarelos are almost a thing of the past. Nevertheless, ceramics are still very much present, as we can see in the Arturo Baltanas pharmacy.

This establishment located in the Parque del Oeste in Castelló de La Plana has recently renovated its image, in a comprehensive project carried out by Restore and Tecnyfarma. The choice of ceramics has been key to enhance the commercial character of the establishment and to adapt it to the new reality of today’s pharmacies.

Extra warmth

Thus, the Nordik series in its Maple Mate version (30x120cm) was chosen by Restore to cover the entire commercial surface. The result shows that wood-look ceramics are not only useful in the home. On the contrary, it also provides that extra warmth in a project dominated by the white tones of the furniture.

In addition, Cifre Cerámica is also present in the private areas of the pharmacy. Specifically, the Reaction bronze series (rectified, 75×75) has been chosen as flooring in the bathroom, which is completed with the Pure Mate series (rectified, 40x120cm) as cladding.

Aesthetic and functional solution

The use of ceramic tiles for retail and contract spaces is becoming increasingly widespread. To meet this demand, Cifre Cerámica is in constant contact with architects and interior designers, offering aesthetic and functional solutions. If you are thinking of opting for ceramics for one of your projects, do not hesitate to contact us.