Proyectos Cifre: a minimalist and functional home with views of the Mediterranean Sea

Proyectos Cifre

A flat on the Mediterranean coast is the idyllic setting for testing the versatility of Cifre Cerámica’s collections. In this project, ceramics go beyond floors and walls to give shape to shower trays, washbasins, countertops, tables… A demonstration of the infinite possibilities and applications of this material, which continues to grow thanks to technological innovation.

Granite White

The timeless beauty of the Granite collection, in the softest version of this natural stone, dominates every room in the home. It is one of the widest and most versatile collections, which brings serenity to the environment thanks to its natural textures and neutral tones.

Granite White (120×120)Granite White 120x120cm porcelain tiles have been chosen as flooring in the living room and bathrooms. To achieve continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, Granite White, in this case 60x60cm antislip, is also used to pave a terrace with privileged views.

Granite White 60×60 antislip and table Pierre Black

But there is more. Thanks to the use of the XLife ceramic sheet, the Granite White pieces grow up to 120x260cm to cover the bathrooms and some areas of the living room, creating even more continuity throughout the project. Finally, this collection shows all its versatility and character thanks to the Eden relief wall tile (30x90cm). A true commitment to ceramic design.

Granite White 120×260

Pierre Black

Harmony is often also a game of contrasts. This is why the Pierre collection, in matt black, was chosen as the covering for different horizontal surfaces in the home. The ceramic sheet, with soft natural stone textures, shapes the kitchen worktops as well as a table on the terrace that stands out for its minimalist lines.

Pierre Black

XLife Fusion

In the hands of design and technology, the Pierre collection becomes so much more. XLife Fusion is one of Cifre Cerámica’s latest projects to promote the use of ceramics in the world of design. We are not only talking about floor and wall tiles, but also about washbasins, countertops and home furnishings.

Granite White Eden 30×90 – XLife Fusion CTT Large Pierre Black

En el caso de este proyecto, Pierre demuestra su versatilidad al convertirse en encimeras de baño (CCT Top), lavabos sobre encimera (CTT Large) y en piezas sin juntas visibles que integran lavabos y encimeras (CTT Full).

Granite White 120×260 – XLife Fusion 120×260 CTT Full

Finally, XLife Fusion is also the tool of choice for designing a bathroom in which barriers are blurred. Granite White also becomes a shower tray (Linetray LT model). In a matt finish, this piece blends perfectly with the floor and wall tiles from the same collection, both also in Granite White.

Zenon Uron Bathtub

Zenon Solid Surface

Zenon, Cifre Cerámica’s solid surface, adds an extra touch of design and personality to the home. It does so through two pieces that highlight all the qualities of the material. On the one hand, the Uron bathtub, with a sculptural appearance and minimalist lines. And on the other hand, an original lamp made up of volumes of different sizes.

Lamp detail Zenon