Castelar Dental Clinic, the ideal habitat for Contract White

Serie Contract White de Cifre Cerámica

The ENEDEDIEZ studio opts for XLife ceramic sheeting in its latest project

Generating a human, friendly and accessible space that is at the same time aseptic and luminous was one of the main objectives of the ENEDEDIEZ architecture studio from Elda (Alicante) when it came to the extension and remodelling project of the Castelar Dental Clinic.

One of the most important interventions of this project was to connect the entrance with the heart of the building so that light would be the main protagonist and patients would feel welcome in an accessible and safe environment. The humanisation of spaces is one of the premises of this architecture studio founded in 2015.

contract white de Cifre Cerámica

Contract White, a luminous material

The material chosen to give coherence and continuity to the entire clinic was Contract White by Cifre Cerámica, which stands out for its luminous and aseptic appearance, always in line with the objectives pursued by those responsible for the project. In addition, its ability to be combined with tones such as gold, natural ochre and wood has brought more warmth and personality to this space.

ENEDEDIEZ has opted for large format ceramics for this ambitious remodelling, with the XLife version of the Contract White series. Its great personality and ease of cleaning by minimising joints are some of the reasons that led this architectural studio to opt for Cifre Cerámica’s large-format collection.

A long-standing collaboration

In fact, the collaboration between Cifre Cerámica and ENEDEDIEZ is not new, but rather is commonplace in many of the projects undertaken by this team of architects. ENEDEDIEZ highlights the quality of the materials and how this is reflected in the finishes and the maintenance of the floor and wall coverings. Having a quality material that guarantees a good result and provides more peace of mind to the end client is one of the reasons why these architects chose Cifre Cerámica.


Entrada clínica Castelar

They also highlight the personalised and professional treatment provided by the Cifre Cerámica team, which is totally committed to maintaining a fluid and constant relationship with architecture professionals. A relationship that will translate into new projects, such as an early care centre that will use up to 10 shades of 10×30.5 Wall Tile.

A commitment to personalised projects

ENEDEDIEZ was born in Elda (Alicante) in 2015 and in this time it has become a big family with the incorporation of technicians and collaborators. Their secret is to focus on personalised projects: « We work a lot of love and affection towards each one of them in order to achieve unique and innovative results », they point out.