Façades with personality: Zenon in the MiaMio jewellery shop in Castellón

fachadas con personalidad

There are chameleon-like materials, capable of adapting to any use. Materials that not only fulfil their aesthetics and functionality, but also end up giving any project its own personality. This is the case of Zenon, chosen by the team of professionals in charge of the complete remodelling of the MiaMio jewellery shop in Castellón.

A year ago, this establishment was immersed in an exciting process: the complete renovation of its image after three decades of life. This change also brought with it an adaptation and modernisation of the facilities.

A perfect fit

Zenon, Cifre Cerámica’s solid surface, played a fundamental role in this commitment, showing, at first glance, the change in the brand’s personality. Not in vain, it was the material chosen to cover the entire façade of the shop. The purity of the white and the simplicity of the lines fits like a glove with a new image of minimalist aesthetics. Less is more.

This refurbishment also highlights Zenon’s suitability for this type of project. Zenon’s great resistance to the passage of time and inclement weather and its ease of maintenance make it perfect for use on façades in outdoor spaces. In addition, it is a material that can take any shape, helping to make the most demanding projects a reality.

Beyond the bathroom and kitchen

This versatility is what makes Zenon materials go far beyond the bathroom or kitchen, becoming a tailor-made solution for architects and interior designers. From its use in staircases, lattices or furniture to its ability to fill any cladding with magic, whether indoors or outdoors. In the following link you can find a selection of projects in which Zenon materials are the main protagonists.