XLIFE Fusion is born from the link of ceramic slab and design. Cifre Cerámica’s most select materials join design and technology to make architectural and interior projects unique and exclusive.

The trend of Cifre Cerámica in its search for new products for professionals, manages to bring together the most cutting-edge trends in decoration (large formats) and their most direct applications for the professional

Bath Furniture

With our bathroom countertops, ceramics are at the service of interior design and decoration projects. It does so alongside an incredible collection of furniture made from oak.

Of Scandinavian tendency, with a simple, sober and functional design, our bathroom furniture is available in several sizes (modulation), capable of adjusting to any decoration project.

Our CAB series is distinguished by the warmth of natural oak, the simplicity of its timeless lines and its modularity.

This traditional elaboration always goes hand in hand with the latest technology, as far as its construction is concerned.

All these characteristics converge in a functional, aesthetic and 100% combinable product.


Customization is an essential factor in XLIFE Fusion’s worktop collection, as it follows a contemporary and elegant line, presenting pieces that are related to Cifre Cerámica’s ceramic finishes, the possibilities of the finishes and the great range of Xlife products makes customization the main feature in this project.

Versatile and functional pieces that easily adapt to the available space.


A necessary complement to our bathroom countertop is our aluminum structures in two colours, matt black and plain white, with dimensions ranging from 60 to 180 cm.  This is the piece that highlights the quality of CIFRE –Group materials.


With this collection of ceramic bathroom furniture, Cifre Cerámica gives the clues that illustrate how far this material can go. Our XLIFE pieces are the only protagonist of these bathroom furniture made entirely of porcelain and available both in freestand format and in a design ready to be placed on our furniture.

Shower Trays


The XLIFE Fusion shower tray series (LINETRAY and SIDETRAY) goes one step further, it is a natural stone chipboard base, covered with our Xlife material that is cut and assembled by hand. They combine in a single product all the flexibility of the most advanced materials with the different textures they can adopt. Versatile and functional, it matches the colour and texture of the XLIFE series in a matt finish.

The LINETRAY and SIDETRAY series of shower trays blend in perfectly with the floor covering and the vertical parameters surrounding it, adjusting to the tones and colours of the market trend, distributed by CIFRE Cerámica.