Wooden porcelain tiles: Nebraska is the winner

The collections of wood-looking porcelain tiles become more realistic and more popular each day

Nebraska was, without doubt, one of the winning collections in the latest edition of Cersaie. This collection of wood-look porcelain tiles has become a favorite of our clients in a very short time thanks to the perfect finishes, the wide variety of tones available and also its versatility, since there are tones available in porcelain but we also have some red body collections.

Why do wood-looking porcelain tiles triumph?

Because it brings durability and reliability to a material as popular as wood. Wood is the favorite material for all kinds of projects because of the warmth it brings and because of that Nordic and contemporary feel that it creates in interiors. But ceramics guarantee, for example, continuity in the spaces since it can be placed both in the kitchen and in the bathrooms.

In addition, wood-look ceramic tiles are perfect for contract projects and other public spaces where, due to the use that is going to be given to that surface, it is necessary to choose a floor of the greatest resistance. The same applies to exteriors, which require special features that can be found in the Nebraska collection.

And why Nebraska?

Because of how much it contributes to porcelain collections. It is available in seven colors, ranging from white to much darker shades such as cherry, all in 30 x 120 cm and 23.3 x 120 cm format for porcelain and 22.5 x 60 for red body floors.