Hoy to lay wood-looking ceramic tiles

Chosing the right layout pattern is another way of decorating and improving our collections

The ceramic tile collections that mimic the appearance of the wood are, year after year among the most popular of our catalog and, in fact, there are many people who already prefer this material for its performance and its durability with respect to ‘real’ wood. As with wood, there are different ways of laying ceramic tiles with this texture depending, to a large extent, on the dimensions of the piece. Because of the characteristics of ceramic tiles, it is recommended that each piece is joined, at most, one third of the length of another, although each professional or individual can choose the layout scheme that best suits your project.

We can opt for regular and more traditional placements, in which we join each piece to a third of the previous one. In this way we achieve a natural, balanced  look which is very similar to wood.

The same layout can be applied with a more centered union, although without reaching that third that we are more used to.

A more irregular laout? Why not! In the end, it is about building a space that has its own personality and, in that sense, our collections are the perfect tool.

One of the most fashionable placements in the last years and, at the same time, more traditional in ceramics is the chevron pattern. Our Spiga collection already incorporates the pattern to the design and laying is even easier.