Granite always works

Ceramics adapt perfectly to the granite texture and makes it even better with new colors and formats

There are materials and prints or partterns that resist all fashions and ages and there are surfaces that are always trendy. In the ceramic tile industry, we take up all these materials that have always worked and give them a touch of modernity and, why not, of fantasy by creating new textures, finishes or colors that we can not find in nature. After years of a great success of stone, wood and marble, now it is time to go for granite.

Granite is back to the front page of Cifre Cerámica with our new Granite collection, which creates a twist to a texture that is very familiar. It is now more modern and comes with new features that makes it irresistible like its new shades, ranging from cream to anthracite.

Halfway between a cemented industrial look and the natural and sophisticated nature of a natural stone, granite provides versatility and a practical touch to all architectural and interior design projects and does so with all the potential, since it is a porcelain collection available in many formats: 60×60, 60×120, 120×120 and 120×260.