Interior trends for 2019

Contrasts between neutrals, bathrooms with a natural essence or colorful living rooms will be trending next year

Every year we take out the crystal ball and, based on the experience of architects and interior designers, we try to define where decoration trends go during the following months. That’s where a lot of the inspiration comes from for our products, our catalogs and part of the work you see every day in Cifre Cerámica.

Although the trends vary considerably according to the professionals that are consulted, these are our five favorite trends for next year.

  • Contrasts. We de love a nice contrast and we love that the interiors of 2019 come full of clashes between neutral tones. Light gray and black, white and anthracite… We just love them!
  • Color in the rooms. Many experts predict a burst of color in living rooms and dining rooms featuring, to a large extent, furniture with colourful shades. Nothing better to combine them than our series of neutral tones.
  • Texture games. Another daring trend that we love. Just as in textiles we can combine a geometric pattern  with an animal print, in flooring we love to mix wood with, for example, cement.
  • Natural materials in the bathroom. The clarity of a material like marble will be seen in the bathrooms of 2019. In Cifre we have a lot of natural textures translated into a material as versatile and contemporary as ceramics.
  • Long live the gray! As much as Pantone said a few days ago that Living Coral is going to be the color of 2019, in Cifre Cerámica we totally agree that gray is our must in decoration for next year.