Ceramics for exteriors, variety is the spice of life

ceramics for exteriors

Ceramic tiles are always a safe bet due to its versatility and durability

Are you considering reforming your terrace or the exterior spaces of your house? If so, you will know that the choice of materials, especially the type of floor, for these spaces is not always simple. And, in addition to the aesthetic criteria, when we talk about floor coverings for terraces or gardens, technical criteria also come into play.

Versatile and durable

Fortunately, ceramics have evolved a lot technically in recent years, so the choice for these spaces is always a safe bet, both for its versatility and aesthetic options as for its technical characteristics. Do not forget that the ceramic floor and wall tiles are easy to maintain and clean. In addition, this type of materials supports changes in temperature very well. Do you need more advantages?

Endless possibilities

Undoubtedly, another of the fundamental advantages of ceramics compared to other surfaces has to do with the endless aesthetic possibilities that it brings. Are you looking for a more organic finish with a tile that simulates the stone texture? Our Outdoor series can be an interesting option. In addition, it is porcelain stoneware, a highly recommended material for its durability and easy installation.

Do you dare with a more decorative option? In that case, we present Annapurna, one of the latest additions to our catalog and that fits, as a glove, the most classic decorations.

From the most classic to the most contemporary, the industrial touch of cement is a winning option for those houses or homes with a more modern and minimalist aesthetic. In this sense, our Extend series offers multiple possibilities and options options, both in porcelain flooring and in technical steps or decorative mosaics.

Which one do you like the most?