Cevisama 2019: the Brick&More re-revolution

Vertex, Dimsey or Nebraska are this year’s winning collections

Small is beautiful. That may be the reason why all our new Brick&More collections have been very successful at our Cevisama booth this year. Small formats are popular because of their versatility, vitality and because of how they contribute to projects in which ceramic tiles take a rather non-protagonist role.

These are the collections that will set this year in the Cevisama Universe:

This is the volume-seeking collection, the one that adds the magic of geometry.

Colour comes along with Dimsey and also brings brightness, originality and colour. A small format that is now reinvented.

One of our winning collections in 2018 becomes smaller and  reigns one more year. There must be a reason why.

But there is life beyond Brick&More and almost every product category has had a winning collection:

  • Wall tiles: The subtle stone texture of Kone has succeeded this year.
  • Marble: Diamond Gold, the perfect mix between white and golden has ben a favorite
  • Cements: The winner is Overland because of its subtle beauty and versatility