More than 50,000 people visit Casa Decor, in which Cifre shines thanks to the studio Sac Spiteri

The Egeo series has been selected for the panel of exhibitors entitled #Reflorecer

After 47 days of exhibition, Casa Decor closed its 10th edition on March 10th. In total, 52,216 people have covered the 2,500 square meters of this space dedicated to the world of decoration and interior design in which Cifre has had an special role. And it is that the Egeo series has been the pavement selected by the studio Sac Spiteri for its innovative space #Reflorecer, one of the busiest of the fair, located in the panel of exhibitors on the ground floor.

In this space, the architect Sherina Hidalgo, the designer Charleen Hidalgo and the agronomist-landscape architect Clara R- Spiteri offer a journey through a large wave, a transformation tunnel that leads to changing the meaning of plastic making it re-emerge into art. Then, the visitor enters an environment where nature recovers its protagonism, creating a cozy and elegant space.

Thus, this project in which nature and design coexist, sought to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment, creating a balance between city and sustainability. From Cifre ceramic we want to thank Sac Spiteri the opportunity they have given us to participate in Casa Decor through our Aegean series, the perfect ally to reflect the color and brightness of the installation. And of course, congratulate Sherina , Charleen and Clara for their impeccable work.