Cifre Ceramica, Argenta and Pamesa have joined forces to achieve second place in the world ranking for ceramic turnover

Sede central de Cifre Cerámica

Cifre Ceramica will act as the premium brand for two major ceramic producers, Argenta Ceramica and Pamesa Ceramica.

The business group formed by the Cifre brothers will have a new partner, such as Pamesa Group, both in Cifre Ceramica and Argenta Ceramica. The agreement will allow the group to undertake new projects aimed at generating relevant growth in the coming years.

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Loyalty to a project

With the aim of going further in the direction of work developed in the last years, Cifre Cerámica will continue being managed by Mr Enrique Cifre and his current management team. Likewise, both the sales team and the marketing, logistics and administration teams will continue to work with loyalty to the brand idea that has led to the excellent results achieved in the company’s history.

Design and technology

It should be remembered that Cifre Cerámica combines its own avant-garde design with the best production processes, building long-range relationships with its customers. 80% of its sales are for export, with a presence in more than 100 countries around the five continents. The company produces white-body and red-body wall tiles, red-body stoneware and porcelain in all types of finishes and in wide selection of sizes.

Technology is an indispensable ally for Cifre in order to launch new products with the best quality standards and to do the unthinkable. The latest example was the launch of XLife 3mm, a collection that reduces the thickness of the ceramic to a minimum and becomes a flexible and highly valuable tool for interior design and architectural work.

Agility and quality

One of Cifre Cerámica’s hallmarks is its ability to provide our customers with a fast and high-quality service, which has recently been enhanced by a further expansion of our logistics centers. The latest technology in logistics to provide an excellent service.

Cifre Cerámica has also recently renewed its website to provide a better response to the needs of customers and partners, and has reinforced its presence in social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest are the main social networks on which the company can be contacted on a daily basis.