D’Estudio Arquitectura and Zenon: a prolific collaboration

D'Estudio Arquitectura - Germán Cabo Fotografía

There are materials that become indispensable tools for architects to be able to design with total freedom. And there are also architectural firms that know how to get the most out of these materials. Today we talk about one of these symbioses, a long-standing collaboration that has given shape to aesthetic and functional projects.

Today we talk about Zenon and the Valencian firm D’Estudio Arquitectura. And we do so by reviewing five projects in which Zenon’s intelligent solid surface has a lot to say.

D'Estudio Arquitectura

Casa de Luz – Germán Cabo Fotografía

Casa de Luz

A home that is open to the outdoors and flooded with Mediterranean light. In this context, Zenon materials serve as the perfect counterpoint to the wooden floors and surfaces. For this, the architectural team has opted for the solid surface both in the shower tray (Kaizen) and in the washbasins (Florida and Corea models).

Casa Ruzafa – Germán Cabo Fotografía

Casa en Ruzafa

A new example of how Zenon materials are a fundamental piece in those projects that seek that light penetrates into every corner of the home. On this occasion, D’Estudio Arquitectura has opted for Florida Soft and Alaska washbasins in the different bathrooms of the house.

Vivienda en Artes Gráficas – Germán Cabo Fotografía

Vivienda en Artes Gráficas

To convert a total space of 90 square meters into a spacious and luminous dwelling. Under this premise, D’Estudio Arquitectura gave life to a fully contemporary project. On this occasion, Zenon materials combine with the microcement used in the bathrooms. For this project, different product lines have been used: from the Florida Soft washbasin to the Berlin countertop and the Michigan bathtub, demonstrating that it is necessary to know how to play with space.

Casa Alemania – Germán Cabo fotografía

Casa Alemania 

Complete renovation of a house on the second floor of an old building with abundant natural light. On this occasion Zenon materials play both a functional and aesthetic role. In order to take advantage of the space, the main bathroom is disseminated, leaving the double sink (model Alaska 62) as a sculptural piece that is seen when passing to the bedroom.

Casa Samaniego – Germán Cabo Fotografía

Casa Samaniego

Casa Samaniego is the renovation project of an old house in the neighborhood of Ciutat Vella (Valencia). The goal, to gain light and spaciousness while preserving the essence of a building from 1870. As for the Zenon Solid Surface materials used, the Maui shower tray stands out in one of the bathrooms as well as Alaska and Florida Soft washbasins.

In short, the alliance between Zenon Solid Surface and D’Estudio Arquitectura demonstrates the capacity of the most advanced materials to form part of projects and renovations that are committed to luminosity and Mediterranean character.