Cifre Cerámica resumes national and international cargo

Cifre Cerámica is resuming both national and international cargo at the Logistics Centres, following the announcement by the Ministry of Transport on 1 April allowing the transport of goods by extending the modification of the interpretative note of Royal Decree Law 10/2020, in force until 9 April next.

In order to provide the service with all the safety guarantees for our workers and our customers, these are the conditions of the service:

  • Cifre Cerámica issues the Responsible Statement corresponding to each of the shipments they plan to make each day during this period and send it to the transport company, forwarding agent, etc, as soon as possible and before starting the service.
  • All transporters need to bring this Responsible Declaration corresponding to the service they are providing, in order to be able to circulate freely from their origin to the final destination.

We appreciate the understanding and collaboration of each of our clients and apologize for the changes in criteria. We are facing a changing situation and we adapt to the guidelines set by the Central and Regional Governments in order to guarantee the health of citizens.

As a result of the Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, the loads for the national market are on stand by until the 14th of April, as well as all on-site activity in our facilities, as the closure of all non-essential activity for the fight against the virus has been decreed.

In view of this situation and always following the strictest health recommendations, Cifre Cerámica has adapted its activity, with the aim of safeguarding the safety of workers, customers and suppliers and contributing to stop the spread of the virus.

Likewise, we have taken advantage of this break to proceed with the disinfection of all the facilities and to guarantee that security is total as soon as the activity is resumed, which we hope will be as soon as possible.

What we do not stop is the administrative activity, as our team continues to work from home, thus complying with all security measures and our sales team continues to respond to requests for information and queries from all our customers.

We will be attentive to any news from the Spanish Government to continue acting responsibly with our team, our customers and our entire community. Any change in the state of alarm or in the normal development of Cifre Cerámica’s activity will be promptly communicated to customers and suppliers to ensure that information is available at all times.

We appreciate the understanding and support received from our customers, suppliers and collaborators.