Cifre Cerámica expands its headquarters and increases its logistics capacity

Cifre amplía su capacidad logística

Growing to meet new challenges. Cifre Cerámica has started 2021 with an ambitious project that will allow it to increase its logistics capacity and increase the surface area for exhibition and office space. Expansion work on the tile company’s headquarters has already begun and is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2022.

More logistics capacity

This remodelling will bring significant improvements in terms of logistics, the internal operation of the company and also in terms of customer relations. With regard to the logistics centre, a fundamental step has been taken by covering practically all of the more than 35,000 square meters of our CL1 Logistics Centre, leaving only the loading and unloading area free. In this way, the safety and good condition of all materials is guaranteed and the logistics capacity is expanded in view of the increase in activity over the last few years.

2,000 square meters of exhibition space

The extension of the headquarters will also mean a significant expansion of the exhibition space. Thus, the Cifre Cerámica showroom will grow from the current 1,200 square meters to more than 2,000 meters, with real trendy ambiances and specific spaces for the main collections. Thus, in a context in which the holding of major trade fairs and events in the sector is limited, Cifre’s headquarters will become, more than ever, the home of all customers.

Office improvements

Finally, the refurbishment work will also involve the expansion of the office space from the current 1150 square meters to more than 2000 square meters. This improvement will affect all departments and will provide better working space.

Cifre Cerámica amplía su capacidad logística