Zenon offers new customization tools in its latest catalogue

Nuevo catálogo de Zenon Solid Surface

Zenon, the Cifre Group’s solid surface, takes another step forward in its aim to revolutionize bathroom design. Over the last few months, in collaboration with professional customers, it has been working on the development of new products designed to meet the needs of interior designers and architects. Products that allow the total personalization of spaces and which are grouped together in a new catalogue that we invite you to discover.

To do so, you can visit our updated website with all the new products or download our latest catalogue.

Gel Coat

This is the collection that has grown the most. Our high quality product (resistance, hardness, minimum porosity, antibacterial character), with multiple possibilities for customization in both finishes and colours. The shower trays, with up to 4 different finishes (soft, slate, korvit and stucco) are a clear example of the design possibilities offered by Gel Coat.

Even more so is Imagine, one of Zenon and Cifre Group’s great bets. It is an innovative shower tray that is integrated for the first time into a ceramic collection. It can thus adopt the appearance of Cifre Cerámica’s XLife collections, creating seamless designs in the bathroom.

Smart Solid Surface

In a soft finish, it shapes countertops and shower trays that can be customized according to the needs of each client. As a novelty and designed for contract sector projects, Zenon presents the Anatolia and Yukatan washbasins, adaptable in length to almost any size.

Solid Surface

In addition to the well-known shower trays and washbasins, there are new products such as the Covadonga bathtub and the possibility of customizing the Solid Surface bathtubs with standard or metallic colours on its outside.

Zenon’s commitment to design is completed with the different structures and complements. In short, Zenon and Cifre Group open up new customization possibilities for architects and interior designers.