Refurbishment of a house in Castellón: the strength of Statuario

reforma de vivienda con Statuario

The improvement of printing systems makes ceramic marbles more intense, more real and more spectacular every day. So much so that professionals do not hesitate to make them the protagonists of their projects. This is the case of the Vitale interior design studio, which has chosen the Statuario collection by Cifre to give personality and character to its latest project, a 90m2 urban home renovation in Castellón.

The project focuses on providing luminosity, optimising the distribution of all the rooms and improving storage capacity, Vitale points out. The house had to be timeless, warm and comfortable, preserving the existing partition walls as much as possible.

Natural finishes

Under these premises, natural finishes are in charge of unifying the rooms and creating a balanced, homogeneous and serene atmosphere. The main protagonist is the large-format porcelain tile in marble finish, something that can already be sensed when entering the home. The glossy pieces from our Statuario collection are the ones chosen to cover a sculptural-looking element that acts as a mirror. In the same line, the living room has other similar storage elements, all made in Statuario gloss porcelain.

reforma de vivienda en Castellón

Photo: Vitale

An interesting use for our ceramic sheet which, together with its backlit character, gives personality to different rooms in the house, including the master bedroom. In the style of a hotel suite, the space is provided with a practical open dressing room that separates the bathroom from the bed area. Once again, Vitale uses Statuario porcelain tiles to cover the back and side of the dressing room as well as the vanity top. The brightness of this ceramic marble collection provides the room with luminosity and spaciousness.

Photo: Vitale

Statuario is the main protagonist, but not the only Cifre collection used in this project, as the Bulevar Jade and Apolo Graphite pieces are used as cladding in different rooms. As a whole, the integral home renovation project conveys elegance and serenity at the same time. The design provides functionality, order and well-being thanks to careful lighting and the choice of natural textures.

Photo: Vitale