Levelling system

Levelling system ensures flatness between tiles avoiding movements during the mortar setting.

This reduces the time for the ceramic laying obtaining a perfect lippage-free finish.

A fast and 100 % effective tool.


Applicationa and main features

Recommended in formats from 60×60 cm | 24”x24”

Indispensable in rectified ceramic, porcelain, cladding and large formats.

Flatness between tiles is guaranteed and laying time reduced.

Avoid movements between the tiles due to the mortar setting.

Minimum 1 mm joint space (available 1, 2 and 3 mm) Compatible with tile spacers.

Steps to follow

1.- First, set the tool to the scale according to the ceramic thickness.

2.- Introduce the crossheads and continue laying the adjacent tiles.

3.- Put the wedges in the crosshead manually.

4.- Tighten the wedges with the pliers to level the pieces.

5.- Allow for setting for the time recommended by the manufacturer of the adhesive cement.

6.- Remove the crossheads. Hit the crosshead with a rubber mallet or with your foot in the direction of the joint.

Do not hit the wedges.