Lagom for decor: Long live moderation!

Directly from Sweden we receive a new concept that focuses on balance, sustainability and middle ground: welcome, Lagom

Scandinavian design is always in fashion. No matter the trend or the time, there is always a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish word to describe a decor style or even a lifestyle.

It was months ago that we read about Danish ‘hygge’, a style that sounds of blankets and pillows by the fireplace, lit candles and homemade bakery. But the new magic word for Scandinavian style is Lagom, the Swedish word for ‘just enough’. It is about finding balance and a middle ground for everything, and deco is a part of that everything.

According to this Swedish philosophy, there should be a middle ground between minimalism and maximalism and, what’s most important, a place where real homes exist. This is what we can find in a home decorated following Lagom:

  • Old and new. There’s always a cool touch to mix modern-looking furniture with that old piece that you inherited from your family or found in a flea market.
  • Do you really need that much?  We talk about finding balance and maybe we need to begin by analyzing our real needs. Is it time to declutter our homes?
  • Work and leisure.  Try to create different spaces for work and leisure and forget stress in your ‘private’ area
  • Recycling and sustainability. Again, it is all about balance and being responsible. Why don’t we try to reuse that old piece of furniture that was already at the house when you bought it?

Lagom interiors: the Cifre veredict

Lagom interiors are the perfect mix between the current maximalism trend and the minimalism that we have been breathing for the past few years. Ceramic tiles become the perfect tool to create spaces where balance is the key. For instance: