Granite White, the star material at Casa Banlusa

Building a sustainable house that demonstrates the strong commitment to the environment on the part of the client and the architect was one of the main objectives of the residential project Casa Banlusa by Sara Acebes Anta. In it, Cifre Cerámica materials have played a very important role in achieving the connection with nature that they were looking for.

The house is located in a small village on the outskirts of Valladolid, in a unique area close to the Esgueva Valley and the Duero Canal, whose landscapes are framed by the construction. This single-storey house is an example of how ceramics can enhance all kinds of projects and easily combine with any decorative style.

The power of Granite White textures

Ceramic, in this case, is more important than ever. Not only is it a very versatile element due to its variety of designs, but it is also a simple way of incorporating sustainable materials into buildings. Cifre Cerámica is committed to offering innovative materials, useful for architects, interior designers and avant-garde builders.

Granite White de Cifre Cerámica en el proyecto Casa Banlusa

© Víctor de la Fuente

Granite White (60×120) by Cifre Cerámica was the material chosen to pave the floors throughout the house and to cover some of the walls in the bathrooms. On the one hand, this contemporary version of granite presents fine and irregular textures that harmonise with the rest of the elements that make up the design.

On the other hand, its matt finish achieves one of the purposes established for the project: to help build an atmosphere of calm and comfort. The white walls and the greyish tones of the flooring ensure a chromatic balance that is interrupted by the warmth of the wooden furniture, resulting in a cosy and welcoming space. This is demonstrated by these photographs by Víctor de la Fuente.

Natural balance

Sara Acebes Anta, the architect responsible for this project, makes masterful use of the site conditions and the climate and manages to make the project work in an environmentally friendly way. Its orientation, as well as the arrangement of the windows and façade, means that the house receives sunlight in the most efficient way possible. In this way, Casa Banlusa integrates perfectly with nature.

© Víctor de la Fuente