Cleaning and maintenance tips.

During the installation of ceramic tiles, it is recommended to clean the surface as it is being laid to prevent the products from adhering too much.

It is essential to remove cement residues in order to maintain the desired aesthetic effect.
Remains of cement, lime or mortar are removed with acid cleaners (such as Fila’s Deterdek Pro). Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and rinse with plenty of water after cleaning.

If there are traces of epoxy products, they should be cleaned with water and a sponge during installation. Finally, an alkaline cleaner (such as FILA CR10) should be used.

Before using chemical cleaners, it is important to test a corner to ensure that the cleaner will not damage the parts.

Any spillage of oil, fizzy or alcoholic drinks, acid, etc. should be cleaned immediately to minimise exposure time and ensure the correct appearance of the ceramic surface, especially when polished.

Cleaning after laying

We suggest a good initial cleaning after the laying on the floor or wall, this is very important for removing residual grouting and the normal dirt coming from the building works.
We suggest the use of our product FILA DETERDEK PRO, that is a lightly acid product that doesn’t emit fumes that are harmful for the user and that can attacks joints.

In case of material layed with epoxy or resinous grouting, we recommend to clean after laying with our specific detergent FILACR 10.

In case of encrusted dirt, it is recommended:

DETERDEK PRO    +Info Video

Laying cement residues, calcareous residues, metal streaks, oxide deposits.

FILA CR10   +Info | Video

Epoxy, vitrified, resinous gasket residues.

FILA CLEANER PRO   +Info  |  Video

Light organic soiling (daily cleaning).

FILA PS87 PRO   +Info  |  Video

Heavy organic soiling (food, grease, oil), detergent and soap residues, rubber, tyres, dyes, marker pen, plastic paint.


Graffiti, acrylic, alkyd and nitro synthetic sprays.


Verdín, algae, mosses, lichens and blackened outdoors.


Indoor mould due to condensation.

FILA ZERO SIL    +Info Video

Silicone waste, candle wax, tree resins, adhesive tape waste, polyurethane foam waste, glue waste etc.

Regular maintenance

For a good cleaning of the floor we suggest the use of our product FILA CLEANER PRO. it’s a natural detergent with a high cleaning power.
In case of strong dirty and encrusted by the time, we recommend to consult the following scheme to find the perfect solution to every situation.