Cifre’s ceramics reinforce the urban character of Papa John’s restaurants in Spain.

Papa John's en Valencia

Restaurant spaces have become a field of innovation in the world of interior design. On the one hand, because restaurants and hotel chains are looking for an interior design in line with their brand, with an all-encompassing restaurant concept. On the other hand, because the characteristics of these spaces (their intensive use, the need for safe, easy-to-clean and low-maintenance materials) pose a major challenge for designers.

Urban personality

The recent implementation of Papa John’s restaurants in Spain is a clear example. The restaurant chain has relied on Cifre Cerámica as a supplier of materials. The joint work between the managers of Papa John’s and our Projects department can already be seen in one of the first franchises opened in Spain and located on Avenida Blasco Ibáñez in Valencia: the materials of Cifre Cerámica reinforce the urban and casual personality of the pizzeria chain.

Brick & More

The most decorative pieces from our Brick & More collection play a key role in this. The Colonial (in matt White 7,5x30cm) and Timeless (7,5×30) series stand out in spaces such as bathrooms. From the most decorative to the most functional pieces. The Pure series (in glossy white) has been chosen as wall tiles in kitchens and storerooms, spaces where ceramics gain in importance thanks to their hygienic and antibacterial properties.

Contemporary look

The collaboration between Cifre Cerámica and Papa John’s can also be seen in the restaurant’s flooring. This is where two of our series focused on the contract sector play a leading role. From the contemporary and modern character and the soft stone texture of the Overland series (Pearl; 60×120) in the dining room to the timeless elegance of Neutra (also in Pearl and 60×60 pieces) in bathrooms and kitchens.

The project of this restaurant in Valencia is just the first of many collaborations between Cifre Cerámica and the restaurant chain Papa John’s, which we will be telling you about in our social networks.