Cersaie 2018: Here’s what’s new

Cifre Cerámica goes for versatility, large formats and richer collections

September is the perfect time to change and to grow up. Here at the ceramic tile sector we have our particular ‘back to school’ time, a school year that begins in Bologna and will tell us what the next few months will be like. And yes he have been working very hard during the summer to pass this exam with a good grade.

And what’s new at Cersaie?

  • Play it big! Xlife grows up and brings new designs and motifs.
  • Or small is beautiful. Ok, we like extremes. We bring you the large collections but also small pieces that grow massive when presented together. There are lots of novelties at Brick&More. It is worth taking a look at collections such as Venentian.
  • Intense glow.  Our new marbles are even more intense in our polished collection, a catalog that goes far beyond marble.
  • More wood. We are certain that, not far from now, it will come a time when it will be completely impossible to know whether a floor covering is made of wood or ceramic tiles. Some of our new collections, like Belfast are the perfect example
  • Set in stone. Right, we’ve mentioned marble, but the new stone collections come in a wide range of textures. Some of them, like Innoko, mixes wood and stone. Maybe the perfect piece?