Ceramic tiles or wood? Here’s the dilemma

Many families and professionals don’t really know whether to choose ceramics or wood as a floor covering for their new project. We analyze the pros and cons

Whether in renovation or in new construction, one of the great dilemmas when facing a project of this type is the choice of floor coverings. Ceramic (with its many possibilities) and wood (either solid, parquet or floating flooring) are the most common options and the decision to opt for one or another material is not always easy. So we face the big question: Ceramics or wood?

If we look at the aesthetic criteria, the defenders of wooden floors usually refer to the visual warmth provided by this type of material. However, ceramics have evolved a lot in recent years and today there are multiple options that perfectly mimic natural surfaces such as wood, to the point that even the joints are almost imperceptible. We see, then, that the aesthetic criterion is not enough, since very similar results can be obtained with the two materials.

The key is in the use

The key to choosing ceramic or wood, therefore, will depend on the characteristics of the project as well as in the future use of the space. And it is precisely there where ceramic tiles offer many more options. Because of its resistance, durability and variety of styles and formats, ceramics is always the right decision for any type of home. While wooden surfaces are much more delicate (signs and markings, changes in color due to the sun or swelling due to a water leak), maintenance of ceramic floors is much simpler and with a longer lifespan.

The Cifre Veredict- Ceramics, more versatile and durable

It seems obvious that ceramics is the surface that adapts to more types of projects. Let’s see why.

  • House or flat. While wooden floors are not advisable in houses, especially in the lower floors that face the street or the garden, ceramics is a safe bet in any type of home.
  • One material, many styles. Regarding aesthetic possibilities, ceramics is much more versatile … or homogeneous. Would you like to use the same floor throughout the house including bathrooms and kitchens? Do you wish to combine different colors, shapes or textures in the same project? In either case, ceramics are the solution.
  • Resistant to pets… or babies. Ceramic is much more resistant, so you will not have to worry because your pet runs around the house or because your child does what he likes best: play!

And if ceramics and wood join in a single product just as they do in the collections of woods of Cifre Cerámica, the solution seems much more simple

This is our verdict. Do you still have doubts?