Ceramics: versatility at its best!

In the Cifre catalog, more than 50 formats coexist, with pieces ranging from 7.5x15cm in the Brick & More collection to 120×260 in the series included in XLife

When we talk about versatility, we talk about the ability to perform different functions. So, what do we mean when we say that ceramics are versatile? Undoubtedly, it is a material that can be used anywhere, whether in a home, in a store or on a larger space.

The versatility of ceramics is closely related to the technology, increasingly innovative, applied in its manufacture. And nowadays we can obtain specific products for different uses and locations.

We speak for example of formats. Only in our catalog are pieces of up to 50 different sizes, from the 7, 5x15cm of the Brick & More collection , to the large-format ceramic sheets (120x260cm) of the series that make up Xlife . And if we refer to colors, designs, patterns and finishes (for example, more than 20 wooden options), we see that the options are endless

And the uses? As we said before, thanks to technological innovation there are ceramic pieces created for its exterior and interior use. In the first case, its resistance (to thermal changes and atmospheric phenomena) or its non-slip characteristics prevails so that we can walk without risk in case of rain or around a swimming pool. And if we talk about coatings, ceramics can also serve in ventilated facades of buildings, improving their thermal behavior.

Serie Granite

Then there is the ceramic for interiors, of less thickness for floors and domestic coatings or with greater mechanical benefits when it is intended for a public use as when it is placed on large surfaces and airports. In addition, we can also use ceramics as material for bathroom and kitchen countertops, and even to create furniture.

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‍Entonces, ¿a qué nos referimos cuando decimos que la cerámica es versátil? ¡Esperamos haber dejado clara la respuesta!