Are you looking for a safe material? Ceramic is the answer

If you are looking for the perfect material for the floor and walls of your home, ceramic is the most appropriate choice. And it is so for many reasons. For example, it is hopoallergenic , does not smell and does not retain dirt, leaving your home free of fungi and bacteria. In addition, as demonstrated by the Cifre collections, it is versatile and adaptable to any space and any room in the house. It also highlights its easy placement, its resistance and its flame retardant character. For all these reasons, betting on ceramics is betting on a material that makes the space in which it is installed safe.

Precisely, it is in this characteristic, in its safety, that we are going to stop today. What makes ceramics a safe material? First, we must bear in mind that it is an unalterable material: this feature, together with the versatility of the formats and solutions, allows ceramics to be used in floors and coverings of any space, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the intrinsic characteristics of the product, the industrial processes involved in its manufacture are ones of high technology. The compliance with the UNE 14411 standard allows to obtain pieces with advanced characteristics that remain constant over time. The use of the most modern technologies also ensures a limited environmental impact, as evidenced by the analysis of the life cycle of the product.

All these characteristics make ceramics the ideal choice for both the floor and the lining of your home. In Cifre we have it clear, what about you? Why do you like pottery?