To inform you about the characteristics of our products and their maintenance, we provide you with these recommendations drawn up by our professionals.

As a result, you can consider them in whole or in part, taking into account not only what they recommend, but also what should be avoided.

Our strength is based on a wide range of products, in which constant innovation, technology and design are our main assets, in order to obtain a top-of-the-range, fresh and modern product, to provide a solution to the construction requirements of contemporary architecture.

All our products meet the highest quality standards. We have created ceramic tiles of great durability, hardness and resistance. To ensure their useful life, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for handling, laying and maintenance, as well as to use quality materials and accredited professionals in ceramic tile installation.

We recommend that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the building materials purchased. If you have any questions about the installation of our products, please contact the Cifre Cerámica technical office.

Physical characteristics

Shade Variation

Levelling system

Laying recommendations

Large formats laying recommendations

Grouting recommended

Cleaning and maintenance

Test and normatives

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