Plots for raised floors | Plots system

Cifre Ceramica plots for external use are a solution for projects in which floating, technical, raised or registrable floors are needed.

The only alternative to traditional construction methods in this type of projects in order to reduce weight and avoid architectural barriers.

Allow for high quality finish saving work and making further maintenance easier.

Also overcomes the problems of installing raised paving systems outside, one of the pending issues with ceramic tiles.

The innovative installation system on supports or plots enables installation on all types of surfaces.

Advantages of the above-ground installation

· Easy to install and inspect the condition of the installation underneath.

· Lower installation costs due to easy installation.

· Easily dismantled for re-use.

· The air chamber increases thermal and acoustic insulation.

· Flat finish, with no drainage due to the space between the tiles (+/- 3 mm.).

· It is not linked to the building structure and therefore cannot cause damage.

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