Give a touch of color to your home

From the Brick & More collection to large format pieces, color is also the protagonist in the novelties of Cifre Cerámica

When we talk about interior design, there is no doubt that color is always one of the main protagonists in the trends for spring and summer. With the arrival of good weather, you want to refresh the different environments and to do so, adding a touch of color is a safe bet.

In Cifre we want to go one step further. After all, we are of Mediterranean heritage and come from a culture in which the sun’s rays accompany us more than 300 days a year. That’s why we ask ourselves: Why do not we take advantage of these privileged climatic conditions and make the color accompany us in our home every month, every season?

To answer this question, just look at the catalog with the latest news and discover how many of our series are committed to color. Here are some examples that can inspire you.

Brick & More

Undoubtedly, our most colorful collection is the successful Brick & More, in which small formats are the protagonists. Within this collection you have multiple options in coating to give a touch of color to the walls of your home.


Serie Atlas

Serie Dimsey

Serie Sympathy

Floor tiles with personality

One of the last series to reach our catalog comes from the expansion of the successful Nebraska. Do you want the floor of your home to have its own personality and a touch of color? Introducing Nebraska Color

Nebraska Colours

Color in large pieces

Another of the novelties that has arrived this year to our catalog of coatings is Color Line, a versatile series and that offers multiple and colorful possibilities in pieces of 25x75cm

Color Line