Public works in Toledo: Keystone as a solution for captivating façades

The new Secondary School in Olías del Rey, Toledo, is committed to Cifre’s Brick&More collection.

The Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Castilla La Mancha has supported the construction of this public work as a response to the educational demands of the population. Fernando Pérez has been in charge of the project as project manager and has relied on Cifre Cerámica materials to carry it out.

Brick&More: the full potential of the small format

The Brick&More collection has played an important role in introducing a modern and attractive style to design. This collection presents the small format as a versatile and ornamental element capable of creating charming spaces both indoors and outdoors. This is demonstrated by these exterior façades at the Olías del Rey High School.

Designs full of life with Keystone

Specifically, Fernando Pérez has challenged the limits of design with the Keystone series, which gives the most traditional ceramic pieces a unique shine. These tiles are available in three colours, blue, white and turqoise, achieving a dynamic and different chromatic effect.

In this case, the piece selected was the Turquoise version (15×15) as a façade cladding to give that special touch to the final result in a project dominated by the sobriety of black and white.

Cifre Cerámica offers aesthetic and functional solutions to architects and interior designers. In this public works project, small-format ceramics stood out for the infinite possibilities it offers for outdoor decoration. This material, traditional and modern at the same time, brings elegance and quality to all types of projects. Most importantly, it guarantees resistance and durability in applications as demanding as the façade of a building.